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Vertical Wind Tunnel Designs & Bodyflight™ Concepts

Portable VWTs

Portable Wind Tunnels LLC
*depending on your configuration

This portable vertical wind tunnel can be utilized in a Drop Zone environment as well as a Tourist rich area.

The wall to wall enclosed flight area provides enough room for a 2 way RW team to practice their
freefall maneuvers. 

10 ft. Diameter
135+ MPH

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A new concept in Vertical Wind Tunnel Design & Operation

In development for over a decade, the now operational "L1" brought to you by the Vertical Wind Tunnel Corporation, is the finest design of human Bodyflight™ facilities to grace the market. Built by bodyflyers for bodyflyers, this newest form of Vertical Wind Tunnel is nothing short of a design masterpiece.


  • No Noise - L1 is easily the quietest VWT on the market.
  • Laminar Flow Technology - the smoothest air stream achievable with tomorrow's technology.
  • Large & Uniform Air Column - capable of supporting up to 6 flyers simultaneously without drop outs.
  • Maintenance Free - The complete "L-1" system has been fully engineered to ensure the lowest possible maintenance rates.
  • Full Service Implementation & Follow Up Technical Support
  • Adaptability - Indoor, Outdoor, Wall-to-Wall or Open Air, L1 fits every application where a superior VWT is required.

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